Jim Sandbeck has been in the construction business in Moose Jaw and the surrounding area for over 40 years. Sandbeck construction is a family owned and operated business. Jim works with his son Christopher Sandbeck. Jim and Christopher are Journeymen carpenters.

Customer Service:

Sandbeck Construction is committed to meeting customer satisfaction. Jim will meet with you at the start of the process and discuss your house plans. Jim's experience will play an integral part in helping you choose building materials such as windows, doors, siding/stucco, flooring and custom architectural details.

Building Process:

Sandbeck Construction can meet all of your building needs from renovating to new home construction. If you are building a new home Jim can act as your general contractor. Jim will coordinate all of the trades people such as the foundation people, electrician, plumber, roofer, and any other trades people he requires. Jim's expertise and professionalism will allow you to enjoy the building process. After working for 30 years in Moose Jaw, Jim has worked with many trades people and can recommend trades people who are experienced, professional, and work at a high standard of workmanship. When Jim builds a home he expects perfection and demands the same quality of workmanship from the trades people working with him on your home.

Throughout the building process Jim will meet with you and discuss the progress. Jim will ask you many questions regarding your home. You will have the opportunity to talk with the trades people working on your home. When your home is finished and you take residence you can be assured that if there is anything you need adjusted that Jim will be there making them. Once you become a client of Jim's you remain one.